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Founded by Jeremy Shantz in 2016, Farm 6 Media is a web content service and media company.  Relatively new, but don’t think that means we aren’t ready to take on the world.  We’ve got the schooling, the experience, and best of all, the Farm 6 Team are website owners too, just like you.

We Love Building Websites.

Okay, Farm 6 Media may have started only in 2016, but we’ve been at this a long time. 

We started back in 2006 by setting up small businesses with branding, logo design, web design, full website setup, and copywriting for ads.

And since 2007, we’ve focused on search analysis and writing – our specialties.

It was much ‘learning-as-we-went’ kind of work, and a lot of it was for friends and family (for free).

After a decade and a half, we’ve come a long way and finally announced our solidarity as a company in 2016 with the official Farm 6 Media’s birth – The one and only: Farm 6 was born!

Fast forward to today, and Farm 6 Media has the solutions for your website content strategy and writing needs.

We work with bloggers, businesses, website owners, affiliate marketers, and even SEO agencies (yes, we sell our search analysis wholesale to agencies). If you have a website and need help with content strategy and writing – we can help you.

So, let the Farm 6 team help you with your website. From SEO to updating old articles, from new content to copy, we can help you.

We look forward to working with you.


Our mission is to help as many people achieve success through an online business as possible.


To help drive the success of our clients through smart search analysis and stellar written content.


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