Search Analysis Content Title Hit List

Keyword Research is tough. Creating high-click through titles is an art. We do the heavy lifting for you.
Search Analysis

Determining which titles and content to create, edit, and publish can be a daunting task.

The Farm 6 Search Analysis Service, gives site owners better opportunities to drive organic traffic.

We provide Article Titles, Competition Analysis, Keywords, and Useful Tips that may help get to the top of page 1.  And it’s delivered in a simple to understand language, so no data analyst needed to understand it.

What's Included In The Search Analysis Content Title Hit List

  • Article Titles
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keywords
  • Useful SEO Tips
  • Monetization Opportunities
And it’s delivered in a simple to understand language, so no data analyst needed to understand it.  Here’s a little more detail about each included part of the service:

Article Titles

We provide a list of suggested titles specially crafted to increase click through rates.  After all, what’s the point of ranking at the top of results if no one clicks?

Competition Analysis

We analyze what’s currently winning the search and how it could be improved.  We then tell you the ‘tricks’ your competition is doing to rank well.

We use data and content analysis techniques combined with good, old-fashioned human investigation. Combining the best of machine and human research, we simplify the results so you don’t waste your time trying to interpret data on your own; you’ve got more important things to do with your time.


There are those that say keywords are dead.  But, how would Google and the other search engines know what you’re page topic is, if it were not for words? 

Search engines will always be dependent on language and the interpretation of intent.  We provide keywords and phrases used in search, and that also provide an opportunity for you to win in the search results.  Custom tailored to your specific niche, of course.

Useful SEO Tips

If we’re already snooping around the competition, why not tell you what we see?  Better than numbers on a page, a real human analyst investigates the competition and reports back.

Think of this as your own personal private investigator researching your competition for you.

Monetization Opportunities

When we’re analyzing the competition and what it might take for you to ‘win’ the search query traffic, if we come across a great angle to monetize that traffic, we’ll point it out.

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