Using Convert Pro As A Lead Gen Plugin In WordPress

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For website owners who use WordPress, convenience is part of the charm. The content management system has built a reputation for seamless integration possibilities, including a lead gen plugin, traffic conversion add-ons, and analytical tools. Today, we will look at Convert Pro Plugin and whether it helps generate leads in WordPress.

What Is Convert Pro Lead Gen Plugin?

Convert Pro Plugin is a traffic conversion and optimization tool that consolidates many aspects of a sales funnel to help you build targeted email lists, design offers, and control traffic. 

What Can I Do With Convert Pro Plugin?

You can use the plugin to create forms that generate leads on autopilot. With responsive design and form templates tested for user experience, the plugin offers traffic retargeting possibilities, so you don’t lose visitors to a natural bounce rate.

Selling eBooks and Digital Products Online – If you are a digitally native brand selling products hosted on the web (like online courses, ebooks, and media content), you can offer a lead magnet via a form crafted from Convert Pro Plugin. The plugin’s ability to handle unlimited traffic ensures that everyone sees the offer no matter how many people visit your website. You can start building an email list to target readers with offers (the lead gen plugin integrates with MailChimp and Aweber, among other email marketing solutions).

Using Convert Pro Plugin for Ad Revenue

As a blog or media website owner, you can use the plugin to get your most loyal visitors to sign up. With a timed popup form, you can have readers who spend significant time on your website to enter their email. By sending them updates to new stories, you can make sure that you have a consistent visitor stream. Moreover, you can build your brand across different social media by alerting your loyal readers to connect with you on any platform you create a page. 

How affiliate marketers can use Convert Pro Plugin

As an affiliate marketer, you likely host helpful content on your website alongside embedded links. Often readers can just read an article without clicking the affiliate link. With Convert Pro Plugin, you can show a popup form upon exit, which catches their email address for you to retarget with similar articles.

Convert Pro plugin for WordPress.
Convert Pro Plugin For WordPress

What Makes Convert Pro Plugin Stand Apart?

Many WordPress plugins help create email signup forms but Convert Pro Plugin has critical features that make it stand out when it comes to lead generation.

Split-Test Your Forms

With convert pro plugin, you can test multiple signup forms to see which one is better at getting potential customers to signup. It can make the difference between whether you get hundreds of signups or hundreds of people who view your website once and never come back—one of the many reasons why this is an essential lead gen plugin for your site. And with lifetime purchase, its value is unmatched.

Google Analytics Support

Because of this integration, you can get the visitors to email sign up ratio in real-time. In other words, you can instantly learn how effective your Google Ads and SEO are. With this insight, you can improve your advertising to get the right demographics and maximum leads.

More Than Just A List

While signup forms can help you create a list, Convert Pro Plugin integrates 38 email marketing and email automation services to automate your lead generation and email marketing. By having an intelligent lead generation plugin that can funnel into an email sequence, you have the most control over your sales funnel. The best feature of this particular set up is the independence you have. You can switch to different email service providers to suit your budget and needs, and your website’s user experience does not face alteration in the slightest.

A Lead Gen Plugin That Works On All Devices.

While many lead generation forms work well on mobile, Convert Pro Plugin allows you to set up forms with responsive templates that optimize for user experience depending on the device they are using to visit your website. It includes tablets of different sizes, desktop, laptop, and smartphones.

No Coding Experience Is Required.

All of the above is possible without Convert Pro Plugin if one is a master at coding. Masters of web design charge upwards of $25,000 to produce the same results while giving you little control in updating the forms. Convert Pro Plugin helps you get the same results, with more control, via an easy-to-use drag and drop integration. And it costs nowhere near the hefty $25,000 price tag.

Amazing Price

You have the option to get Convert Pro for annual use at $99/year for one website (it is pricing at $79 for a limited time). You can likewise obtain an annual subscription for multiple sites for as low as $249. With the multi-site subscription, you can use the plugin for as many sites as you would like for the year.

If you wish to get lifetime access to the plugin and its services, upgrades, and support, you can choose the ‘lifetime’ option to Convert Pro’s pricing page. You will be offered $399 for lifetime access for one website. Alternatively, you can purchase lifetime access for unlimited sites at $699. The multi-site option is ideal for agencies and coders who charge website owners to set up their WordPress websites. Ultimately, none of the prices exceed what a designer would charge for producing the same results. 

Convert Pro Plugin Features Deep Dive

So far, we have talked about how you can use the Convert pro plugin to generate leads, have repeat visitors, and boost affiliate earnings. Now let us address the features, templates, and triggers offered by the WordPress lead gen plugin.


In this closer look at templates, we will discuss which lead generation form is best for your brand.

Modal Pop-ups

Have you ever visited a website, and a popup form appears in the middle? It can ask for your email address and offer a free product; it can only ask for your email address or request you to disable AdBlock. All of those are possible with modal popup themes (and AdBlock detection) provided by convert pro plugin.

Info Bar

With this template, you can create a header that sticks to the top of their navigation as they scroll down. The header can advertise a webinar with a link to the landing page, display an important reminder, or showcase a lead magnet offer. With such a range of possibilities, this is a great way to get potential customers’ attention if they instinctually close popup forms. You can split test your readership to see whether they respond better to modal forms or popups.


You can use this template to make a dialog box, signup form, subscriber opt-in, or a reminder to appear at the beginning of the article’s end. 


You can use this template to embed a form within your website’s article’s content. It helps if you are writing an article about something that the reader may sign up for an ongoing subscription. For instance, an event company can use in-content forms in articles announcing an event launch.


If you use a slide-in template, the form you set up will slide in from one browser side. It can contain an email opt-in, can inform the reader about a quiz, or be used to ask them whether they are finding the content of the article helpful or not. This template is ideal if you want to set the appearance timing at a specific part of the article. This process is better known as triggering. 

Triggered Template Designs Too!

  • Trigger-ready templates – You may not need to customize your signup’s triggering as the Convertor Pro plugin comes with some trigger-ready templates. For instance, you can get a converter-mat template that gets signups at the beginning of the users’ journey. Another excellent way to use this lead gen plugin.


Suppose you want to trigger a modal signup form to appear upon a specific condition occurrence, you can use the plugin’s advanced triggering capabilities to get the result you are looking to find.

  • Welcome trigger – This is, as the name suggests, at the beginning of a user’s reading journey. When the user comes to your website, they will see the form, alert, quiz, or opt-in.
  • After-scroll trigger – With this, the form appears once they have scrolled to a specific part. If your page lists multiple services, you can arrange the form to appear upon the user scrolling to a specific service. That would qualify leads based on interest.
  • After-content trigger – This can appear after the user has scrolled past a particular piece of content.
  • Well-timed trigger – You can time your form to show up after a user has spent a specific amount of time on your page. It is excellent if you want to qualify your leads for engagement. Only those who have carefully read an article for some time will see the signup option. With an after-scroll trigger, you may get those scrolling past in a hurry. With the timed trigger, you can know that the user is engaged to a certain level.
  • On-click trigger – This is one of the best ways to get signups with high intent because the user now must click a button and then go forth with singing up. This trigger is ideal for lead magnets advertised with an info bar.

Advanced Targeting

Lead generation is as good as the target settings used. Getting a thousand unqualified leads isn’t as good as getting a hundred qualified leads. There are triggering options available with the Converter Pro plugin that allow you to target based on specific criteria.

  • Cookie-based trigger – With this setting, you can make sure only new users see your signup form. If you want to offer a signup option only to repeat visitors, you can use a cookie-based trigger.
  • Geolocation targeting – This is great for seminars and events. You don’t want to offer a free seat to someone in England if your event is happening in the States.
  • Referrer based targeting – If your users are coming via your newsletter, you don’t want to ask them for their email. However, you can decide which traffic source to show the opt-in to and which source to omit such a display from referrer-based targeting.

A/B Testing

You can utilize the incredible power of Google Analytics to split test your traffic. It is achieved by testing two actions and analyzing the responses to each to find out which works best. You can also try two different opt-in forms for the same audience group. Furthermore, it lets you see which format is converting better. These possibilities allow you to optimize your lead generation and your advertising to get the best results.

What About Other Lead Gen Plugin Tools?

When looking at Converter pro and other WordPress plugins that help get email addresses and subscribers, there are two main competitors: Thriveleads and Optin Monster.

Converter Pro vs. Optin Monster

Converter Pro costs $99 for one website for annual use. Optin Monster, on the other hand, costs $108 but with a limit of 3,500 views. It is worth noting that Converter Pro can support unlimited traffic. It makes Converter pro better on the value of money factor alone. Moreover, Optin Monster does not have a lifetime option use option and lacks the following features available in Converter Pro:

  • Whitelabel (for agencies to use without Converter Pro’s branding) gives customized solutions.
  • Short Quiz Forms 
  • Multiple Steps Forms (allows for higher quality lead generation) is a winning bonus.

Converter Pro vs. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is robust, and there is no doubt about that. However, it does not have a lifetime use option for unlimited websites. It’s lowest subscription pricing is $19/month, which offers use for 25 websites. Therefore, it costs you $228/year compared to $249/year, which gives you access to the Converter Pro plugin for unlimited websites. Moreover, Thrive Leads lacks the following features:

  • Referral Detection – You cannot decide to show or hide the form based on the referer if you choose Thrive Leads. 
  • Cookie Targeting – You cannot decide to show or hide the form based on a viewer’s history with your site if you choose Thrive Leads.
  • Whitelabel – There is no option to hide Thrive Leads branding, and your competitors can know you are using Thrive Leads.
  • Adblock detection – You cannot show a message based on whether or not a viewer is using Adblock.

Lead Gen Plugin Verdict

Considering the value for the money, features galore, and the ability to get the plugin for a lifetime, the Converter Pro plugin for WordPress is the best tool to generate highly targeted and pre-qualified leads based on location, ad-set, and referrer. Likewise, it also integrates with email marketing software and Google Analytics to automate and optimize your lead marketing fully.

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