Frequently Asked Questions

What is search analysis aka keyword research?

Search analysis (also known as keyword research) is the process of investigating search results for a specific search term. The investigation includes determining plausible reasons for the results shown at the top of SERP (search engine results page). The resultant data is used to optimize new content developed specifically to obtain high-ranking results on the search pages for the terms targeted.

Why do I need to do keyword research?

The search analysis process finds opportunities for your written content to rank for search terms and drive organic traffic to your website. Without doing in-depth search analysis, the writing process moves forward without guidance.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is web-based traffic, or visitors, who come to your website via a search result page (search engine). They are known as organic traffic because the visitors come of their own free will, following a web search, and do not come to the site via ads or other marketing such as on social websites like Facebook.

What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is the process of writing content such as blog articles that will be published under someone else’s name. Ghostwriting is a great way to increase your content without having to do the writing yourself. It is a hired service offered by Farm 6 Media and other content agencies.

What is content writing?

Content writing when it comes to the web is the process of writing for a website page. Similar to blog writing, content writing is typically used to convey data where the author is negligible. This might include a company about me page, product descriptions, Google Play or Apple App Store descriptions, and other written content that does not require an author to develop E.A.T.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of writing the text for sales or marketing purposes such as for advertising. Writing used in advertising is typically referred to as copy.

What is S.E.O.?

S.E.O. stands for search engine optimization. The process of doing SEO includes ensuring that pages and content on a website are adequately created and optimized for search engines to find and serve the content to the work. The better the SEO of a page, the easier people can find the content on search engines on their browser. However, SEO is only a part of the ranking process, there are many other factors including quality of content that affect search engine ranking.

What is E.A.T.?

E.A.T. is short for experience, authoritativeness, and trust. The concept was developed to understand that web-based content that reflects serious topics such as medical or financial topics must be created by those who are qualified to share the information being published. Unqualified creators of content that could affect people are considered to have low EAT in their respective niches. Similarly, those with excellent qualifications are considered to have high EAT. When combined with good content and good SEO, EAT promotes the pages of a website within the search rankings.

How do your services work?

Our services are simple. For search analysis and ghostwriting, simply place your order in our online store and a representative will get back to you shortly with any questions about your order. For our WordPress services, merely contact us and let us know how we can help you.

What is the turn-around time for search analysis?

Generally, we are running at 5-7 business day turn-around time for most search analysis orders. However, this may change depending on the influx of orders and situations out of our control. Either way, a dedicated representative will contact you after you place your order to let you know the approximate delivery date of your order.

How do you use the list of existing titles I have to provide?

We request a list of your existing titles when we perform a search analysis service for you. It ensures we don’t duplicate any of your existing titles. The information you provide is kept strictly confidential. Upon completion of your order, the list is archived in our encrypted order archive vault. We do not use or share your information with anyone.

What is the turn-around time for writing?

The turn-around time for writing fluctuates between 5 and 30 business days, depending on our current workload and the size/complexity of your order. After placing your order, a dedicated representative will contact you to discuss and update you on your order.


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