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The Ultimate Easy Guide To Content Writing Services (2022)

The Ultimate Easy Guide To Content Writing Services (2022)

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content writing services

Content writing services are easy to find these days. And content writers can work anywhere. It seems like the demand for good content is growing. It’s sometimes tough to decide which firm to partner with. What better way to decide than use an actionable guide to walk you through the process… Oh, wait, here it is!

Our Ultimate Guide To Content Services will deliver information about content services, content quality, website content, and more about the content creation process.

Content Writing Vs. Copywriting Vs. Content Marketing Explained

Content Writing Vs. Copywriting Vs. Content Marketing Explained

What is content writing? Content writing is the act of writing compelling, original content. What is content? In terms of websites (our specialty at Farm 6 Media content writing services), content is the text on web pages and primarily the articles found on a blog that constitute the bulk of written content on the web.

What is content writing? What can it do for me?

What is content writing

Engage a wide range of customers with a wide range of products and services and increase the effectiveness of targeting the target market. Showcase your expertise in a digital world using a content writing service. Content development is the development of a website that matches search engine optimization standards. Webmasters need quality content that can be searched for and displayed on search engine result pages to be a successful product/service.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is writing with the goal of selling a product or service. What is copywriting? Copywriters write content that does not necessarily have to be unique; it can also include press releases and sales letters.

Content marketing, on the other hand, includes both copywriting and content writing—but goes one step further by adding an editorial process. This means content marketers plan for quality control including things like layout, design, images, video worth, etc…

SEO Content Writing vs. SEO Content Marketing

SEO Content Writing vs. SEO Content Marketing

Initially, content writing is essential in content marketing. It is focused on developing and maximizing dynamic content to communicate and ensure a seamless web experience for online visitors. Once your website has been written and developed, the next step is promotion on the correct channels. It’s the content of SEOs that comes in. Content marketing is the marketing strategy used for marketing relevant, SEO-friendly content on the Web to attract profitable customers.

SEO and Content Marketing

Increase your click-through rate through relevant search results. SEO & Content Optimization are interdependent disciplines that share the same objective. Content marketing is often compared to Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing: Content production strategy is focused to produce quality web content that provides value both for search engines and online consumers.

Content is the basis for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media, that’s why content writing services are really in demand.

What are Content Writing Services?

What are Content Writing Services?

Content Writing Services like Farm 6 Media from Hamilton, Ontario provide help with creating content, such as blogs, articles, website content, press releases, and other written content. These services have become more popular over the past year as there has been increasing online usage. Content writing services can be a broad variety in scope. Some specialize in particular content types, including blog posts, others have diverse content types, some concentrate on specific industry segments.

At Farm 6 Media, we specialize in delivering well-researched, information-first, informative content that educates the reader and draws backlinks to your site naturally. We will weave in appropriate affiliate or other offers at your request, but our specialty is delivering informative content.

How Content Writing Services Can Help Your Business?

How content writing services help businesses and organizations is by the creation of original, compelling content that drives traffic and converts readers into paying customers. Good content is about buy-in. You’re not doing it right if your reader isn’t buying into what you’re trying to say.

Good content, what’s it good for? It will increase your web page SEO if the writer provides quality content writing services. Good SEO means you rank for more keywords and hopefully get some quality traffic.

What’s quality traffic? That’s potential clients, my friend!

the right web traffic brings clients

Businesses rely on their online presence to get leads and conversions. They need content writers who can write compelling copy that can drive traffic to their website. Many companies are hiring full-time staff while some outsource writers.

And some utilize content writing services like ours here at Farm 6 Media. Why? Because they say you should trust the experts, that’s why.

Let’s look more at how content writing services can help your business.

Content writing services are experts

Content writing services are experts

It is an innovative and highly-rated website that is very well known for its high-quality content and is a highly-rated site on the internet. It happens every morning. They’re doing everything they can.

Content experts eat, breathe, and dream about content. It’s what we do at Farm 6 Media, after all.

All freelance writers should know about a particular topic or perform good internet searchable research. And that’s why we provide specialized information research training to our team.

We offer a wide range of writers – from professionals to side hustlers (all trained in our methods)– who can cycle and thus avoid burnout. You could write your own original, interesting content for your business but you need time – time that you probably don’t have. Let’s see how our team can take that burden off your shoulders and provide a professional results.

Grow your readership

When people find your site, they might flock to your site because of the quality. Professionals understand what the search engines want so they can tailor the content for the best performance on Google or Bing. They have the knowledge that hooks the reader and pulls them in later.

It’s essential if a writer is good enough to have a reader read it in the article. All of these factors result in higher traffic, which often results in higher earnings.

New people bring a fresh perspective

New people bring a fresh perspective. Hiring an agency like Farm 6 Media allows you to get a free fresh perspective on your content.

If you hire an SEO Content Writing Service, you will have to deal directly with them instead of dealing with individual writers, making your job much easier.

Outsourced writing allows someone to write about your company from a different perspective. Heck, maybe your product had an advantage you had never thought of before. If you hire an online writer they could teach you something.

These writers are not your employees

Writers working in content production firms are not your employees. They are freelance writers. This eliminates the need for managing or ensuring the quality controls on the product. You can’t get benefits. And the content writing companies you have are the easiest way to find them; and you will be able to quickly move on to the other.

You can save money

Whenever you choose writing services, they just charge you for your writing services. You pay in articles or words, not hours of the day. This gives you an idea of the amount you’re putting into a blog post, landing webpage or email list. So that you have a budget to keep it in line with what you want.

Why should I use a content writing service?

The use of a professional writing service is essential for creating a more effective article. These providers provide a platform for generating more visitors on search engines and they also provide a way for your website to attract your customers and increase your authority.

Content writing solutions also solve time constraints.

Outsourcing content can be easier and provide a better result. Alternately the use of a content writing service can help increase content team capability.

Why SEO Content Writing Services Are So Important?

Convert Page Visitors to Payment Customers

Your website is a continuation of your brick-and-mortar store. It’s an important part of your digital strategy as you decide how well it can help you.

Research shows 79 percent of the web user’s web searches are done online and businesses that prioritize quality content in SEO will get 13x greater returns.

What Good Content Does For Website Authority

Good content does more than just keep a reader on the page. Good content informs the reader, entertains them, and also guides them on a specific journey. You can think of the journey as a major component of the user experience (UX).

Really good content does several things for your website authority. First, by educating and delivering quality informative content, you are providing solutions for people who have questions. That in and of itself is a great recipe for long-term success. However, it must do more than this.

Great content will cause other websites to view your website as an authority. When you are an authority, people link to your site. And the search engines like Google notice those links.

Professional content writing services know how to use content marketing to deliver those results you want from a content writing company.

High-quality content drives backlinks naturally. That process saves money for your digital marketing efforts because paying for backlink outreach is expensive and time-consuming.

If your web content writing is driving those backlinks naturally through great blog content, then your content writing service provider has done a good job of delivering high content quality to your content marketing strategy.

Ok, That’s Great, But How Do I Know Quality Content?

what is quality content

Quality content. Poor quality content. What’s the difference? In most cases when you read blog writing or article writing you will know when you are reading the work of a professional writer (quality writing). And you’ll definitely know when you read the writing skills of a beginner freelance writer who maybe charges less per word, but lacks in skill.

Then there are those firms that offer what they say is SEO content, specifically SEO optimized content, with market research and maybe even surfer optimized content – but it’s unreadable because AI and programs don’t know how to write great content (yet).

So how will you know when content is in the grey area in between? Will an SEO content writer deliver more than just content optimization based on keyword research spun into some kind of freelance writing?

How To Tell If A Content Writing Service Is Worth Their Salt

A good content writing firm is what you need. Content writers, that is freelance content writers are typically a lot more work to manage than professional writers. Professional writers will deliver the right kind of content strategy for your target audience.

The content creation services that have experienced writers will provide you with stellar blog articles you can use to build a content-rich website.

A good web content writer will excel at digital marketing strategy and may even offer a business owner free consultation and advice to accompany their SEO articles. After all, if a client is successful it proves the online content did its job.

Experienced writers are typically worth their weight in gold. And really great writers may not even possess subject matter expertise to provide you with excellent blog post writing, white papers, or other web content you require, although many will specialize in a specific form of written content creation.

What are the Services of Content Writing? What Can I Expect?

Q. What does a content writing services company offer? In particular, what does Farm 6 Media (content services operating out of Hamilton, Ontario) offer?

A: When ordering content services, you can expect to get original, compelling content written for your site with the goal of increasing conversions and improving your search engine ranking.

What are these services? These are some examples of what you’ll get… – Articles (blogs) – Website page contents – Custom blog posts – E-books – Social Media Posts

These are just some but there are tons more! Whatever your situation may be, there is probably a way that we can help.

What Does a Content Writer Do?

What Does a Content Writer Do?

A content writer researches, writes, and edits articles for your site or content writing project. Content writers can work at a content writing agency or independently from home part-time while holding down a full-time job elsewhere.

What does a good content writer do? Good freelance content writers need to be able to meet deadlines while providing quality work within the provided budget. Most freelancers have issues with meeting deadlines.

Managing content writers can be a real headache. That’s why so many website owners turn to a content writing company to fulfill their content marketing strategy.

After all, you want high-quality content, right? That’s where an experienced content writer like Jeremy Shantz and his content writing service Farm 6 Media can step in and help.

The Bottom Line On Good Writers

Above all, a content writer will write good content. But do they have added value? Do they bring extra to the table? That’s a philosophy that many don’t share anymore, but there’s one professional content writer that still does, Jeremy Shantz of Farm 6 Media.

“I don’t just deliver great content. As a certified web developer, I know SEO and the code that builds your sites. That’s just one way I can deliver added value as a professional content creator. I know what goes in behind the blog as well as I know what goes in front.” – Jeremy Shantz

Communicate Your Brand Purpose and Show Your Expertise

Content writing services for the web and SEO industry should deliver the ideal perception of your brand. We offer search marketing for clients who want to target an untapped demographic or to build a reputation in their own niche market.

We want to help your expertise shine, so let us help to communicate your brand. That’s what good content writing should do.

Tell Me the Importance of a Content Marketing Strategy

Develop your competitive advantage and achieve your goal. A 2018 content market study reveals that fewer than 4 percent think that B2C websites are very effective online.

According to a survey of content marketing experts, 58 percent found their approach very successful. The best content marketing plan should capture the person and voice of your ideal audience and help you establish strong relationships.

And the good strategy is something that only a content writing professional who views your business with as much caring as they view their own is going to deliver. That and good SEO optimization too, of course.

SEO. Content Optimization.

Your professional web content writer should do extensive editing to ensure that all written content is cohesive, coherent, and unique to you. Our content marketing team comprises a team of experienced SEO content writers and editors, all trained in our research-first philosophy.

You have the ability to review any of the content you wish. Our team believes in our written abilities and is confident we provide your website content that appeals to search engines as well as the user.

How Much Do Web Content Writers Charge?

Content writing is a vast and new field. Although it’s been around for a while, it can really truly feel like the wild west if you’re new to content creation. And understanding the pricing differences of freelance writers versus professional content writing companies can help you decide on the right method for outsourcing your content strategy.

Freelance Charges

Content writers who work as freelance writers will charge anywhere from $0.01 to $0.07 per word, in US dollars. However, the skill, quality, and end results are often quite different. Some new writers have no idea what to charge, so they can ask for as much as $1.00 per word. Yes, you read that right. And you might not get the content quality you were hoping for, but you may get hosed.

The Wild West of Writing

Freelancing is The Wild West of Writing

Because there is such a wild array of pricing out there in the content marketing world of web content creation, you really need to understand the principles.

First, good website content, in this case, written content, doesn’t come cheap. You might find blog content available at $0.02 per word on different freelance platforms, but it’s not likely to be high-quality content. High-quality content takes time and effort. It’s heavily dependent on good research.

That’s why at Farm 6 Media, we focus on providing not only SEO content but written content and other content services that deliver a valuable user experience. That kind of content marketing takes a special skill in content strategy.

The Importance Of The Site Journey

You really need to understand how site visitors will journey through the content. After all, the writing style has to fulfill the needs of online users.

So, what do you want to pay for content writing blog posts and keyword research? The answer most website owners have is “as little as possible”. And although as business owners, no one wants to pay huge amounts for SEO content or content strategy consultation.

No one wants a huge per word bill that makes you question whether you should create content yourself or outsource.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

You can expect to pay different amounts per word for SEO content than you would pay for landing pages or for social media marketing for that matter. Similarly, SEO content will cost a different amount than ad copy, written product descriptions, white papers or other technical writing projects. You really can’t expect to pay the same per word cost for these different forms of web content.

Understand What You Need

When you consult content services for website content, be sure that you understand what your needs and pain points are before you bing.

If you search out a content marketing firm or content writing service without knowing what online content you need, you might find yourself overloaded with content creation projects and lack the proper online content and high-quality content that your content strategy really needs.

Where Can I Find Content Writing Services in Hamilton, Chicago, London, Or Anywhere Else If I Need Extra Help?

Farm 6 Media works with clients globally. The wonders of modern technology mean that no matter what city or country, (with a few exceptions) we can work with you!

Organizations that have internal writers will hire freelancers when they’re in need of specific types of content quickly. Some companies, especially small businesses, will hire freelancers when they don’t have the budget to hire a full-time writer.

How Can I Get Started With Content Marketing? 

How Can I Get Started With Content Marketing? 

Are you ready to work with our team of experts? If so, then get in touch with Farm 6 Media today! We offer content marketing packages for startups and small companies. Our expert writers are qualified professionals who can create awe-inspiring web content that leaves your business standing out from the rest!

Essential Thoughts On Getting Started

It’s essential to note, however, that even though some companies charge higher prices per word than others do; not every company has invested the time or money into building their team with in-depth training – we have. Good content writers are hard to find, trust us, we know.

Where Can I Get Content Writers, You Ask? Look No Further!

There is no short supply of content writers available online. However, there are so many that finding good writers, I mean the really good ones, those are hard to find.

Needle in a haystack? You might say.

I guess it just depends on your perspective. After all, if you’re reading this then you found us. Farm 6 Media is here to help you find the right writers for your project.

A Wide Range Of Talent

We have a wide range of talent available depending on what you need. And best of all, we will work with you to make sure that your content gets completed accurately and timely!

Thinking about getting some custom-written articles or blog posts? Contact Us Today! We’ll be happy to explain our process in more detail, answer any questions you may have, and assist you in finding the perfect writer for your needs!

Farm 6 Media – A Content Writing Company

Farm 6 Media - A Content Writing Company - content writing service Hamilton

At Farm 6 Media we have one specific goal – to deliver high-quality content. We write anything from blog articles and blog content to landing pages and product descriptions. But our blog writers are the pride and joy of our content creation team.

Singles, Packages, And Ongoing Content Subscriptions

Our content company offers blog writing and SEO keyword research services on a single purchase basis or a continuing monthly membership fee. You can find our content creation efforts on social media and our website.

Our blog offers a great view of some of the content creation our team has completed. But you might be wondering what services we offer relating to said content creation? Let’s take a quick look:

At Farm 6 Media we offer a variety of content services. In a nutshell, we offer keyword research and strategy consultation, SEO consultation, and content (as well as copy) writing services. Our focus for written content is an informational approach. Why?

Because we’ve had great success helping our clients to develop backlink acquisition free content campaigns due to naturally occurring backlink growth due to informational, valuable content.

Blackhat Tactics Are Dead (Or Should Be)

Over the years, many agencies have tried to game the system with backlinks from private blog networks (knowns as PBN’s) and other shady practices that did nothing but result in many upset clients come algo update time.

Due to the sheer volume of black hatters out there, Google clamped down and now it’s so much more difficult to try to game the system.

So, what’s our angle?

We know that if you can’t beat them, you should join them. So that’s exactly what we did. We took the best qualities of great content and built our writer training program around those principles.

We don’t use black hat techniques. Those are reserved for the weak marketers who will drown themselves in their lack of ability. We aim to provide actionable answers and high-quality content that moves the needle in multiple content dimensions. Here’s a little brief about each of our core service offerings:

Developing Integrated Online Strategy: Keyword Research Services

We identify the most useful keywords to get the most results from the website. If it’s your business, blogs might first come to mind. We work closely with local businesses, companies, multilocation companies, and larger franchises to help them create content management strategies.

SEO Content Strategy Development

SEO Content Strategy Development

Our content creation agency will analyze your SEO keywords and market studies and develop your content plan. Our Content Specialists identify the secondary keywords and their usage throughout SEO and establish a clear course of action for developing website content.

Content Writing: SEO Optimized, Research-First Originally Written Content

Naturally, we wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t know what we were doing with content. Our in-depth research processes and training for our team is second to none in the industry.

We put our writers through a rigorous 2-year training program we developed in-house. There’s nothing like it because we built it ourselves based on the best principles for creating compelling valuable written content that delivers and then some.

Consultation With Clients

Our content marketing agency provides you with an experienced content marketing expert that you can contact frequently for advice on how you can improve your search engine optimization strategy.

Tell us about your ideal customers and your expectations of their experience while visiting your site. We will weave the concepts into the written content for an experience that will draw users back again and again.

Some Common Questions Clients Ask Us About Our Content Marketing Services

What Qualifications Do Content Writers at Farm 6 Media Have?

What Qualifications Do Content Writers at Farm 6 Media Have?

Our writers come from all walks of life. We have a unique team that is primarily university-educated in a variety of different disciplines. With our writer management program, we can even source writers with the qualifications you need. Then we will manage them for you and that saves you time and money.

Do You Provide Examples? Samples? Can I See Your Work?

Most of our clients request ghostwriting services. Ghostwriting means that our writers provide the content that our clients then publish as having whatever writer name they desire.

Ghostwriting? Spooky!

The point of ghostwriting is that the true writer is kept secret so the client can claim the writing as their own. With that in mind, we can only share writing samples from our own site and those of our training sites.

If You Manage The Writers, Do I Have To Communicate Directly To Them?

Because we manage our writing team you don’t have to. You will have a dedicated account representative, an SEO expert who will be your point of contact. We have an exclusive writer access portal where we manage our writers’ projects and research tasks.

Our writer access portal allows us to easily communicate with our writers around the globe so you don’t have to. Just send us your messages and we will relay all pertinent information through our writer access portal.

The Final Chapter On Content Marketing

The truth is that content marketing is a challenging undertaking that takes time, skill, patience, and above all, knowledge. Knowledge is power, my friend, and when it comes to content marketing, the knowledge of how to obtain organic traffic is worth its weight in gold.

Trust Jeremy, Christine, and the team at Farm 6 Media to help steer your site away from danger and towards success. They’ve got the knowledge you need, and the team to back it up. What are you waiting for? Reach out today!

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