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Researching, writing, editing, re-editing, and proofreading are all processes that take up valuable time. Let Farm 6 Media handle the heavy lifting for you with writing services to meet your budget.
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Why Choose Us

1. Our Process

The process we use is a simple 5 step system. 

  • Research
  • Draft
  • Basic Edit 
  • Advanced Edit
  • SEO Ultra-Advanced Edit

Some firms believe that separating researchers from writers is the way to go.  We disagree here at the Farm.  That’s why we’ve incorporated an intense research training program for all our writers.  We show them where to look, how to look, and what to look for when researching your niche.  After all, you’re trusting us to write on your behalf so we write like it was our own site and niche specialty.


The initial draft is written by our team of expert writers.  The draft is based on the initial research but is not yet edited for spelling, grammar, tone or optimized further for SEO.  It’s what we like to call a ‘natural write’.

Basic Edit

After the initial draft is written, the content heads over to meet our editing department.  The initial editing process repairs spelling and grammar issues.

Advanced Edit

With any kind of artform, be it writing, painting or otherwise, it is a wise practice to let the piece sit for a period of time after completion.  This step is taken to be able to ‘sleep on it’ and come back with a fresh perspective. 

We use this same philosophy except we fastrack the process by passing the content to another stage of editing.

In the advanced edit, the topic is fact-checked again and the entire piece is re-analyzed for clarity.  Tone is incorporated in this edit and we ensure that a publishable completed product is the end result.

 Process StageDescription of Stage
1.Research- initial research from only DA80+, reputable sources like gov't, universities, published scientific journals, etc.
2.Draft- based on initial research, may require some editing
- rough source URLs included
3.Basic Edit- draft level with full spelling and grammar edit complete
- rough source URLs included
4.Advanced Edit- basic edit plus edit for tone
- professionally noted sources

2. Our People

Our writing process involves several levels of talented people before it arrives delivered to you as a completed product.  

And we look at every one of our team members as a member of the family.  That’s the secret sauce to better content – happier writers!

Our writers are highly specialized in two areas: 1) Writing, 2) Research.  We push our writers to constantly better themselves by promoting continued education and constant training, no matter the level of ability. 

As Socrates once said, ‘True wisdom is knowing you know nothing.”  A philosophy we embrace when striving for further professional development.  By accepting that we have more to learn, we constantly open ourselves to the possibility of positive growth.  This attitude has shaped Farm 6 Media into a positive, content creating force – and we have our Farm 6 family to thank for it.

The same philosophy for constant education applies to our editors as well.  Our editing department stays current with new trends in writing style and marketing.  It ensures your content is fresh and at the leading edge of the writing industry.  It also ensures a professional resulting product you can be proud to call your own.

3. Our Results

Our content writing services are second to none within the industry for our positive, well-researched writing that delivers results, and our very competitive pricing. 

Few other writing services online deliver results like those grown here on the Farm.  And you can expect the same stellar results.  Just let us know if you want an amendment and we’ll take care of it.  Just remember, the tiers you choose for writing determine at which stage the draft is handed over.

We offer unlimited revisions* .  If you need something adjusted, no problem!  Our goal is to provide content you’re going to be proud to post on your site. 


Have some questions?  We’ve got answers.

Just slide on over to our store and purchase an article of the size you would like, fill out our convenient questionnaire about the article and you’ll get a follow up email with a estimated date of completion.  It’s that easy.

Stuck for good article titles?  Not sure what to write about?  Our article topic analysis can solve that. We offer various packages for article topics in the niche of your choice.

Content writing is what you will find on most websites.  It includes blog articles that are informational or  inspirational.  

Copywriting is the art of writing material intended to be reproduced such as a brand slogan, sales writing such as flyers, landing pages and other forms of advertising writing. 

When you hire us, you are paying for our time.  Time is the one thing we can’t get back.

At Farm 6 Media, we believe in fairness.  If you change your mind and want a refund, if we haven’t spent time on it, then no problem. Please see our Refund Policy for full details.

* As long as it follows your initial instructions, if you change your mind after ordering, additional fees may apply.

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