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Client Case Study: 2500% Growth In Targeted Traffic

One of our clients, an app-developing firm, tasked us with utilizing a bootstrap approach to SEO and content marketing. We were able to drive their targeted organic traffic up by 2500% over the course of 2 years. No backlinks, only content. Read the study here to learn how we saved our client over $150k!

What others are saying about our services

“Hello Christine, 

Once again; thank you so very much. You have helped me a huge ton and I am looking forward to working with you once again, somewhere by the end of August/ beginning of September. When the time comes I am going to need your help with titles, but I plan on creating another site and thus the overall niche is going to be different. As of right now, I am very glad you were the one that helped me with these titles because some of them are already bringing me a lot of traffic.
If that’s not a problem, I will keep your email saved. Please stay safe and I wish a lot of health to you, Jeremy, and everyone around.

Best wishes,


“I have used Farm 6 to write content for a few of my websites and the team at Farm 6 has always done an excellent job of providing great content at a great price. They are excellent at communication and are always willing to go the extra mile. I would recommend their services to anyone.


“Good morning Christine

Thank you very much for the hit list. The article topics look really good. Nice job.  I’m happy with your choices. Some are amazing actually. Not what I would have thought of.

I will probably have a question or two but will reach out if /when I do. Again thanks, the list looks good.


Dave Q”

“Buonasera Christine,

Thank you so much for the hit list, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I was waiting to have a chance to look at it more in depth, so that I could send everything in one email if I had any questions.

The list is brilliant and all the information on there is massively helpful. The _____ is something that I’d considered before, based on my research of competition, so I am glad that you came up with something around that too, as it means that I wasn’t too far off in my research! I am glad I decided to purchase this early on, I think it will save a lot of missed posts while I’m still learning. I will definitely come back to you in future for more services (hit lists etc…), once everything is up and running and I’ve given these posts some time to mature.

I’ve looked at the spreadsheet a few times now though, and everything looks very clear…

Thank you again so much for all your work on this, it’s certainly giving me a massive push whilst I’m getting things going with it. 

Grazie mille di nuovo e a presto!


* Full Transparency: Due to the nature of ghostwriting, our clients testimonials have been coupled with stock face images to preserve the anonymity of our clients.

“Hi Jeremy,

Thank you! I enjoy reading your articles. It’s very personal, and you have some great experience. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed writing these as well.  I really would like you to write the rest of them.

Talk to you soon,


Great hitlist. Thank you so much. All suggestions look great and I look forward to start writing them.
Have a nice day 🙂

“Hi Christine,

Another great list, thanks!

I’ve leave coming up again soon so think I’ll turn straight around and buy another 10 piece hit-list. Do send through the invoice when you have a chance.

Many thanks,



… You did a good job of diagnosing my issues. I really appreciate you and your efforts. 


Marsha – Marketing Consultant

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