Search Analysis Article Title Hit List

The Search Analysis department of Farm 6 Media is hard at work, day and night, to find the best Search Analysis Article Title Hit List opportunities for our clients.  Using a variety of proven techniques, our analysts strive for nothing more than your success.

We treat every topic title hit list like it were for our own websites.  And yes, we own our own websites too, so we understand your desire to drive traffic better than most.

The search analysis article title hit list includes the following:

  1. Keywords – The keywords used in the search query to drive traffic are provided for you.
  2. Article Titles – Keeping in mind search intent, keyword, and topic, we craft a suggested title for you to use that will improve click-through rate over conventionally crafted article titles.
  3. Competition Research – We carefully investigate what the competition is up to.  It lets us provide you with not only an inside peek into their methods, but also useful tips to help you ‘beat’ the competition.
  4. Suggested Article Depth – We recommend a certain ‘size’ of the article be written. It’s based upon the depth of the answers provided by your competition.  As well, several other factors are involved in this metric.

As a BONUS, we even provide a free article update tracker with every search analysis product.  This helps you stay on top of when you should be updating your content.

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