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The 30-article ‘Seed Pack’ includes premium search analysis for 30 titles, written in a 10 response, 10 staples, 10 pillar post-split. The articles will be professionally researched, written, and edited for a PUBLISH READY experience. The article will include stock images, lists, tables, and other additions as our team sees fit to help you beat the competition. This isn’t your ordinary content mill sort of content – this is the real thing, crafted for your niche and your success.

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A Publish Ready set of 30 articles to get your site growing traffic. It’s the ‘seed’ of a site. The difference is with Farm 6 Media. You get the added value of publish-ready content complete with lists, tables, images, and/or other publishable things like citations and external links, all to help you grow the best traffic and knock out your competition.

Your site is your business, don’t sacrifice your chances with cheaply produced content. Trust Farm 6 Media to deliver.

What’s Included In This Writing Content Deal?

This package includes: Search analysis and writing for: 10 Response posts (1250+ words), 10 Staple posts (2500+ words), 10 Pillar posts (3500+ words).

Here’s what you get for EACH ARTICLE:

  1. A fully edited article. We put it through its paces to make sure it flows, meets user search intent, grammar and spelling all correct.
  2. We add 2 stock images. These images are pre-sized to make your publishing that much easier.
  3. We include 2 lists and 1 table. You know Google loves data, so we give it to them.
  4. Reputable sources. We don’t add sources or go to Joe’s Blog for the answers. Better sources make for better content (and higher authority).

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