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From: USD312.00 / month and a USD20.00 sign-up fee

The Blog On Autopilot – Content Subscription Service offers you a ready-to-go solution for your growing website. We research new and fresh angles for your content, write the articles, add images, tables, and more on-page publishing tricks to enhance your chances to rank and provide the best content for the search query.

Subscription Response Count (1250-word articles) Staple Count (2500-word articles) Pillar Count (3500-word articles)
4/month 3 x 1250-word posts 1 x 2500-word post n/a
8/month 6 x 1250-word posts 1 x 2500-word post 1 x 3500-word post
12/month 9 x 1250-word posts 2 x 2500-word posts 1 x 3500-word post
24/month 18 x 1250-word posts 4 x 2500-word posts 2 Pillars

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Want to save a TON OF TIME?

When you’re looking for a longer-term solution, we offer you our Blog On Autopilot – Content Subscription service.

Save time and money with our professionally written content catered to your niche and written to perform. We include stock images, lists, tables, graphs, and all the other juicy addons that great content needs, so you won’t waste time editing, looking for images, ‘prettying up’ your article, or wasting time trying to do search analysis to find your latest target topic.

With our Blog On Autopilot service, we do the search analysis, and we do the writing, do the editing, and provide your blog with regular, plug-and-play content. We can even go right into your dashboard and publish your articles for you, so you won’t have to do anything except watch your site grow over time with regularly published fresh content.

We offer a variety of packages to suit your publishing needs.

Here’s What’s Included:

  1. A variety of articles (see table below) including:
    1. Search Analysis – We find the opportunity.
    2. Ghostwriting – We craft a stellar piece of content.
    3. Inclusions – We make sure to add 2 lists, 1 table, 2 stock images, 1 embedded video, high DA/PA external link sources to build PA value, or other on-page extras to help win the search result.
    4. Editing – We edit the article for spelling, grammar, and tone.
  2. Publishing – After editing, we’ll jump right into WordPress and publish the article for you.
  3. On-Page SEO – We’ll even include alt image tags to ensure good ON-PAGE SEO.


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