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The 3,500-word content writing service article is the standard ‘pillar-style post’ (a pillar of your website’s information-sharing strategy).  The finished product will comply with your requested tone, or if the mood is not specified, we’ll write in a tone that suits the topic.

The article is snippet and search engine optimized, focusing on driving traffic, holding the reader with valuable information, and delivering the answers the readers seek.  All this while captivating the reader to stay on the website and interact with it.

With eight reputable sources helping to build page and topic credibility, we only have your success in mind with the standard pillar post – a 3,500-word content article.

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Article Title(s)

Here’s where you want to give us the title to use. If you don’t have a good title don’t worry, we can do that too (see article addons)


Add your keywords and sub-headings if you’d like us to use specifics. Otherwise, we’ll just do what comes naturally for the topic.

Any further information for us

From style and tone to preferred layout, just let us know.

Want a little more?

You can add extra sources and extra words at a small additional fee

Site URL

We love to see what kind of writing style is on your site. It helps us customize the content better and cater to your existing site by linking them to other articles.

Sharing is Caring

3500 Word Researched and Publish Ready Article

Here’s what you get:

  1. A fully edited article. We put it through its paces to make sure it flows, meets user search intent, grammar and spelling all correct.
  2. We add 2 stock images. These images are pre-sized to make your publishing that much easier.
  3. We include 2 lists and 2 tables. You know Google loves data, so we give it to them.
  4. Reputable sources. We don’t add sources or go to Joe’s Blog for the answers. Better sources make for better content (and higher authority).

With our standard 3500-word ‘pillar post’ content article, you know you are receiving something big and of quality.  Well researched and written to entice the reader to continue and stay on the page, and the website is the goal with the standard pillar post content article.

Content Writing At Its Finest

SEO optimized for your keywords, we love to help drive traffic, and the pillar post is the cornerstone of building and growing your search traffic. Not to mention the authority strong pillar commands.

This content article will include 3,500 words or more.  It will also include a minimum of 8 relevant and authoritative sources.

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