Content Writing Deal – 10 Pack of 3500-Word Articles – PUBLISH READY


The 10-pack of 3500-word articles is a content writing deal that offers you the chance to pick 10 of our most popular size articles at a discounted rate.

Looking for a single article?  Check out a single 1250-word, 2500-word, or 3500-word article singles on the Farm Shop now.

We’ll do the search analysis to find titles/subjects to write about in your niche.

Niche * 

Notes, sub-topics, further information you’d like to share so we get things right for you.

Sharing is Caring

Grow your organic traffic with a content writing deal like the 3500-word article ten-pack.

Here’s what you get for each article:

  1. A fully edited article. We put it through its paces to make sure it flows, meets user search intent, grammar and spelling all correct.
  2. We add 2 stock images. These images are pre-sized to make your publishing that much easier.
  3. We include 2 lists and 1 table. You know Google loves data, so we give it to them.
  4. Reputable sources. We don’t add sources or go to Joe’s Blog for the answers. Better sources make for better content (and higher authority).


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