Title Hit List Research – Standard Tier Search Analysis Service


The Standard Search Analysis service provides you with our proprietary datasheet for your content strategy that includes:

  1. KEYWORDS/SEARCH PHRASES for you to include in the article.
  2. SUGGESTED ARTICLE TITLES crafted to maximize CTR (click-through rate).
  3. COMPETITION DATA so you know where you stand against them.
  4. RECOMMENDED WORD COUNT to set a baseline for your content length.
  5. RELATED TERMS to help you write in the right direction.
  6. PLUS:

*** BONUS – Article publishing/editing tracker ***

And all in an easy-to-read format so you don’t need to be a data analyst to figure it out.

Grab one of these lists to inspire your new content and do a content analysis of your older published articles by following our handy guide How To Do Content Analysis in 13 Steps.

Looking For More In A Hit List? Want the inside scoop? Try our Premium Hit List Service instead!


Your Site URL

Not required, but it helps direct the flow of your strategy: Please provide your site URL so we can get a feel for your existing content strategy. Don’t worry, it’s kept confidential. If you don’t have a site yet (or don’t want to share), that’s okay too.

Upload Your Existing Article List Here To Avoid Duplication

If you’ve got your list of articles and categories ready, upload it here. Please have it in spreadsheet format. If you don’t have your list ready, you can email it to, along with your email used to place the order. We’ll make sure it’s kept strictly confidential and that it gets into the hands of the analyst handling your order right away.
Why do we ask for a list?
We ask for a list of existing titles so we can use the list to cross-reference and avoid duplication. If you don’t provide a list, we’ll use the existing keywords your site is ranking for as the basis for cross referencing to avoid duplication. This may result in an overlap of titles, but it won’t if you provide a list (spreadsheet format preferred).

(max file size 32 MB)

Sharing is Caring

The Title Hit List – What It Is And Why You Need It

The Standard Post Title Hit List Research – Search Analysis Service, we do a competitive analysis in your niche. We find opportunities. We give you a list of those opportunities in the form of a spreadsheet with keywords, recommended article titles, and related terms.

We do the legwork so you can get on with writing and building your strategy.

We offer various packages to get you the article lists you need to move your website forward.  With 30, 50, and 60 article title packages, we find new opportunities for massive growth potential for website publishers.

Standard Blog Post Title Hit List Research is your solution to keyword research, title creation, and finding opportunities!

Plain English answers to your content problems.


WE FIND OPPORTUNITIES for you to write articles in your niche that have a chance to rank on page 1!

PERSONALIZED ANALYSIS – Our analysts inspect each winning position personally.  We know what to look for using P24 training methods.

It’s as simple as getting a title list and following the road laid out for you. Publishing winning content couldn’t be any easier!

*Although we’ve had great success with our methods, results will vary based on several factors, including overall site health, hosting, et cetera.  These other factors are out of our control and therefore results using our service will vary.  Contact us today for full details of how we can help eliminate the chances of failure and increase your chances of success.

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