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Advanced Keyword Research Curation – Keyword List ADDON

Do you know what keywords your competitors are targeting?

Chances are, they’re targeting the same ones you are. But how do you know for sure? And more importantly, how do you find new and profitable keywords to target that your competitors aren’t already exploiting?

That’s where our Advanced Keyword Research Service comes in. We take all the hard work out of finding profitable new keywords to target – so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Pick up your Keyword Search List and add to our Advanced Keyword Research Service today and start seeing results in your content rankings!


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Advanced Keyword Research Curation – Keyword List ADDON

This service is an add-on to the Keyword Search List service (you must purchase a list first before we proceed with this advanced addon).

Advanced Keyword Research Curation – The act of digging so deep into SERP, keywords, and data that your eyes bug out of your head. This work is the labor-intensive, grueling, keyword-by-keyword hunt and investigation of SERP to carefully select the top opportunities. We analyze the SERP based on your niche, your topical authority, your content strategy, and your target audience. We look for the specific types of opportunities your business needs – be it a specific audience conversion or a regional tactical traffic acquisition. Let our team do the heavy lifting and sift through SERP to save you the hours and days it takes to find the best opportunities – customized for your business needs.

Advanced Keyword Research Service by
Advanced Keyword Research Service by Farm 6 Media saves you hours or even days of hard research.

How Advanced Keyword Research Curation Service Works

This service is an hourly add-on to the Keyword Research – Keyword Search List.

You must purchase a Keyword Search List prior to purchasing this service.

When you purchase a Keyword Search List, we provide you with a list of at least 1000 keywords targeting your niche. The advanced service takes this list to a whole new level by hunting for specific opportunities for your business. No holds barred and no maximum, you pay, and we do the work – period. You determine the number of hours you want our team to work on your niche. Keep in mind every niche is different, and we do not guarantee any number of keywords per hour. Some niches are easier than others, and it depends on the niche, your existing titles and content coverage, your rankings, the YMYL factor, and more. That’s why we go hourly – it’s the best way to deliver the best results to you without sacrificing the quality you expect from Farm 6 Media.


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