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Article Content Brief Service

The Content Brief Service provides highly organized instructions to pass on to your writing team to understand their writing project directive. The content brief delivers valuable instruction so the writers can craft the perfect, SEO-optimized, reader-friendly content for your website!


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Article Content Brief Service

Welcome to the Farm 6 Media Content Brief Service.


The Article Brief – A roadmap for your writers to follow to create the perfect content. However, many site owners struggle with making the proper SEO Optimized roadmap. Similarly, many of us don’t have the time (especially if we intend to do a lot of publishing).

What to do?

Farm 6 Media to the rescue! We’d love to handle the process for you! We analyze the top ranking results for your keyword choice, craft a stellar title, and use the headings that Google (and the readers) are looking for to maximize response. Just provide us with the keyword, and we’ll handle the rest!

The Content Brief Template:

Content Brief Service by Farm 6 Media


We utilize the latest SEO strategies and tools to optimize your success. However, we don’t trust machines like we do people, so you can guarantee an SEO expert will have eyes on your article brief before it goes out the door. It’s just better business.

That’s how we roll at Farm 6 Media. Welcome to a new way of providing content marketing services.


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