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Content Writing Service Subscription

The Content Writing Service Subscription includes keyword research and articles written specifically for your site each month. It’s a simple process to get predictable content each month to watch your site grow like clockwork. Add in our Product Content Writing Service to include affiliate writing and you’ve got a match made to win.


Content Writing Service Subscription

What Is The Content Writing Service Subscription?

The Content Writing Service Subscription is a monthly service where we provide six layers of the content creation process on your behalf:

  1. Keyword Research – We find you the latest opportunities each month.
  2. Content Writing – Targeting your audience, we write the articles based on the keyword research provided.
  3. Complete Editing – We put the content through its paces to ensure quality control.
  4. Image Insertion – We find relevant stock images that you can legally use in the written blog content.
  5. Publishing and Basic SEO – Lastly, we’ll drop the content into your WordPress dashboard in draft mode. We’ll ensure the proper keywords find their way into alt image tags and optimize the entire document for mobile.
  6. Management – We oversee a team of content creators, researchers, and publishers who will handle all the heavy lifting for the above steps on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about hiring, training, and similar issues. You meet with your dedicated account representative here at Farm 6 Media, and we handle the rest.

Basic Tier Vs Advanced Tier

Basic – General Blog Content

The basic tier works great for general topics and semi-specialized researched topics. The sources will be of relatively high authority, and the articles will be edited for spelling and grammar. The general blog content is great for non-YMYL niches that don’t require massive authority or in-depth knowledge or expertise. It doesn’t mean we don’t do our best to research, but the research is left strictly to the writer’s discretion and is not strictly controlled like the advanced tier. This tier works well for:

  • General blogs
  • Medium depth research articles
  • Non-specialized posts for the general public

Advanced – Advanced Blog Content, Product Reviews, SEO Critical Content

The advanced tier takes content writing to the next level. Strict controls over the sources are implemented for maximum page authority. The research is strict and our in-house researchers spend hours, even days to accomplish some of the highest level content available at the price. This content is optimized using the latest SEO software and platforms. The types of writing that are included in the advanced tier are:

  • Advanced blog content
  • Blog content for business and industry
  • Product (affiliate) reviews and hub articles
  • Cornerstone content

How The Subscription Content Writing Service Works

Content Writing Service Subscription by
You asked for it and we delivered – a budget-friendly Content Writing Service Subscription!

Step 1: Order your subscription here on the Farm 6 store. We ask that you complete an information form. We may even want to jump on a video call with you to do a deep dive into your preferred audience, site intent, monetization strategy, and further information valuable to successful content creation. You can book a call by emailing

Step 2: We get to work researching your niche, your site, your audience, and the keywords we need to get the ball rolling. We will provide you will a shared drive where we will place the keyword research for your review and subsequent approval.

Step 3: Upon receiving approval for the month’s targetted keywords, our researchers begin developing the basis for the content. The information passes to our writers next. They are carefully selected and assigned based on their experiences with your niche. We always do our best to pair up writers with expertise in your niche for the best content creation results.

Step 4: We upload the content to the shared drive for your approval. Next, we upload the content to draft mode in your WordPress dashboard upon approval. We will need you to create a user account to upload content to your site. Don’t worry; everything is kept secure on our end.

Step 5: You complete any site-specific things you want to do (like inserting your specific affiliate links or ads, for example) before hitting the PUBLISH button.

More Information About The Monthly Subscription

The cycle repeats the next month. The subscription billing occurs monthly, and we get started the moment you provide payment. As a subscription client, we’ll dedicate a team to your account as well, and with proven templated writing processes, you get the results you expect.

Monthly Word Count

12000, 16000, 20000, 30000, 50000


Basic, Advanced

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