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I recently contacted Farm 6 for help with my P24 site, and I’m so glad I did. Writing content is easy for me, but trying to improve site speed, interpret error reports, and fix formatting glitches make me want to throw my laptop out the window. Finding this kind of help can be tricky (Do they know what they’re talking about? Can I trust them with admin access? Can they communicate like an actual human? Do they know anything about the P24 method or are they going to try to talk me into keyword tools and back links?) It was a huge relief to find Farm 6! Jeremy’s responses to my questions have been exactly what I was hoping for: clear, personalized, and not condescending at all. He hasn’t tried to dazzle me with jargon or upsell me on services I don’t need, and even showed me that I was already doing some things right. I am so excited to write the articles on the hit list he created for me (I was stuck on pillar post topics) and watch my traffic grow. With Farm 6 in my corner, I’m confident my site will be not just faster, cleaner, and less frustrating to work on, but more profitable as well. Couldn’t be happier – thank you Farm 6!!!

Jenn Hastings – Website Owner, Writer

I have used Farm 6 to write content for a few of my websites and the team at Farm 6 has always done an excellent job of providing great content at a great price. They are excellent at communication and are always willing to go the extra mile. I would recommend their services to anyone.
Eric Rock – Website Owner, Publisher

Jeremy’s farm has grown some awesome articles for my site! I ordered six (6) posts both pillar and staple and am very pleased. He gives super value and really cares about the content quality. Also hired him for article facelifting that worked out well too. Highly recommend. :grinning:

Paula Daniel – Website Owner, Serial Entrepreneur

Thank you man, I really appreciate your immense knowledge, so helpful and eye-opening! 🙂 Btw, thanks to your good Amazon tips, I really did manage to go from 5 to almost 50 dollars with my sales! Was really fun to see the orders coming in! :slight_smile:

Max Loesche – Site Owner, Writer, Entrepreneur

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