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Topic content analysis and strategy is one of the most essential and most overlooked aspects of creating an online presence. There’s more to SEO and making a website successful than just going after keywords that drive traffic. If you want to develop your site into an authority, you need to analyze the topics you will cover on your website. Enter the Topical Content Analysis and Strategy Service.

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Content Analysis is key to future success.

Included in the Topic Content Analysis and Strategy Service

We dive deep into the heart of your site’s primary and subsequent niche topics. We analyze the issues to help you find and identify:

  • A Full Topical Relevance Map – This topical visual representation helps brainstorm new topics and angles for your site. It’s also invaluable when considering internal linking strategies!
  • Existing Site Category/Post Mapping – Another visual categorical representation of your site. This mapping helps visualize topic opportunities based on existing content. It’s beneficial when planning content strategy for your topic(s).
  • Topic Relevance Opportunities – We analyze your topic and send our researchers out to find out everything we can to find the best relevant opportunities within your topic.
  • Topic Gaps Opportunities – After researching your topic, our team finds the gaps where you’re missing opportunities based on topical structure and current trending opportunities for growth.
  • Topic Authority Opportunities – You need your site value to increase when building your site. By increasing your topical authority, you increase your backlinking relevance ability and your social share relevance. Knowing which content you need to write to increase your authority is essential. We analyze your site/niche/topic to find the best angles and opportunities to grow your authority.
  • Topic Angles and Structure Opportunities – Analyzing the entire package, we look at your site structure and topic category structure to determine further opportunities for you to advance your website.

Labor Intensive Services Save You Time

Please note this premium specialty service is labor-intensive and will take up to 5 business days to complete. A representative will contact you with further details and to request information regarding your service request. If you want to pre-emptively send over your URL to with the email you used to place your order, we can get started on your content analysis service.

Learning content analysis can take time. We’ve been working for years at this, so why not take advantage and let us help you. If you have any questions about this service, please do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions. We’re here to help with professional topic content analysis for your site.


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