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Content Writing & Editing

Article Content Writing

Our team of writers and editors are trained to do in depth research on their tasked writing projects. Often taking trips to the library, combing through scientific studies and journals or even jumping on the phone with a specialist, we know how to deliver informational content that the readers will consume and enjoy.

Pro Editing Services

One of the most tedious tasks is editing content. When you try to save money by using ‘the other guys’ and wind up with a stack of mediocre draft, then you can waste all that writing, or you can fix it. That’s where we come in.

Our editors are always hungry for work, because our writers don’t keep them that busy. But if you’ve got writers that have or do produce work that’s just okay, bring it to us to add the icing to your preverbial cake.

With the Farm’s Pro Editing team, you really can have your cake and eat it to.

A Team In Constant Training

Many of our writers are either in university persuing various degrees, or they have recently graduated. We hire all walks of life, but we always try to find those writers with a keen sense for research, one of the content writer’s most robust assets.

We also look for writers with a sense of flair, because let’s face it, science can be boring if presented in a drab manner.

Affiliate Product Reviews

Different from your standard blog post is the essential and money-making affiliate product review article.

Targetting both traffic and dual monetization sources of income, our writers have had plenty of experience building the affiliate articles that get noticed, and make readers converting buyers.

Some companies lump their review articles into the same bucket as their informational blogs, but the writing is not supposed to be the same. We don’t need to tell you that sharing information to instruct a reader or trying to turn a reader into a buyer are two very different things.

Content Strategy & Research

Content Strategy Consultation

Having a content strategy and plan are essential to running a succesful blog, whether it’s for a business or as a specialty niche site. We’ve built the tools to master the content delivery, but do you have what you need to effectively publish the right content at the right times?

keyword research service by Farm 6 Media
keyword research services

Keyword Research Service

Keyword research, also called search analysis by some, is a painstaking process of analysis of search results and queries. It can take hours, even days of tedious back and forth between spreadsheet and SERP (and that’s with the use of industry standard tools).

You can pay hundreds of dollars per month and spend tens of hours doing the work yourself; or you can hire us. Early in the game we realized that to do keyword research the right way takes time and effort. Time you don’t have to spare. 

Our research team has been doing keyword research for over 2 years since the inception of the department. We’ve done hundreds of projects for hundreds of happy clients. Will you be the next to save time and fine your opportunities?

WordPress Website Services

web development by Farm 6 Media

Website Audit & Consultation

Wondering what you can do to improve your site speed? How about increase your traffic? Want to know if your content strategy is on point? Or maybe you’re looking for some monetization advice?

We’ll do an in-depth, full site analysis to help you get things on track and get you making money!

WordPress Website Builds

We specialize in building WordPress websites using the latest technologies. We’ll build you a responsive website, made to order to suit your brand.

Our team of web developers and graphic designers are ready to take on your project and make something incredible.

Find out how we can turn your website dreams into reality.

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