Farm 6 Media is a content marketing agency located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada that specializes in content writing, research, and strategic search engine optimization (SEO) for businesses worldwide.

We Are Content Specialists

Who we are? Let’s start by saying at Farm 6 Media we specialize in content. Our team consists of SEO specialists, researchers, analysts, writers, editors, and web devs. We love to build websites, find opportunities and write the content that gets noticed.

Farm 6 Media strives to pick up where other content services drop off. We’ve got an intense training program for our research and writing teams that are second to none in the industry. We really do know our way around informational content!

We like to think of ourselves as a craft brewer of content. We aren’t the biggest company, we don’t want to be. We specialize in delivering a fantastic informational content experience, first and foremost.

* Full Transparency: Due to the nature of ghostwriting, our clients testimonials have been coupled with stock face images to preserve the anonymity of our clients.

Learn With Articles Our Team Has Created

A guide to copy and paste from

The Ultimate Guide To Copy And Paste Articles To WordPress

Copying and pasting content into WordPress is often frustrating for bloggers. Several different copy and paste issues, such as formatting, images, or linking, can come up. This article will review the most common copy and paste issues when copying text from Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other standard writing tools. WordPress Styles & Themes Explained

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content writing services

The Ultimate Easy Guide To Content Writing Services (2022)

Content writing services are easy to find these days. And content writers can work anywhere. It seems like the demand for good content is growing. It’s sometimes tough to decide which firm to partner with. What better way to decide than use an actionable guide to walk you through the process… Oh, wait, here it

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Brainstorming For Successful Creative Writing

How To Do Brainstorming For Successful Creative Writing

To enhance your skills in creative writing, master the art of brainstorming. What is brainstorming, and how do you do it? Brainstorming is a method of generating collective ideas, individually or as a group. Creative writers use this technique to solve problems or come up with numerous concepts about a specific topic. But how do

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